Standard Aircraft Equipment List

FAA Type-Certified Aircraft VRF/NIGHT/IFR


Aluminum alloy
Carbon fiber cabin area
All moving tail (25 knots c/w)
Heavy duty steerable nosewheel
Heavy duty fixed tricycle gear
500x5 wheels & disk brakes. Optional 600x6 main wheels are available. Dual for pilot and co-pilot

Tie down rings (3)
IFR certified airframe



Side by side seating
Huge 46-inch wide cabin
Cabin heat & window defrost
Dual entry doors (carbon fiber)
Independently adjustable seats
Adjustable fresh air vents-sides
Large rear cabin baggage
Adjustable seat belts
"g" load padded seats
Tough upholstery
Extended glare shield
Overhead night lights



Stall warning system
All purpose dual control wheels
Dual rudder (pedal) controls
Wing flaps (electric)
Manual stabilator trim control
Dual hydraulic toe brakes
Vernier mixture control
Heavy duty throttle control
Carburetor heat control



Easy access gascolator
Fuel drain valve's
Welded aluminum fuel tank - 28 US gallon tank in rear fuselage. Options for other fuel tanks include a 34 US gallon fuselage tank or wing tanks.
Lycoming engine driven fuel pump
Electric fuel pump (auxiliary)



Landing/taxi lights on wing
Interior/panel lights red/white
Wing tip navigation & strobe lights
Tail light


Lycoming 0-235-N2C engine
116 -bhp @ 2800 rpm
2 400 hour engine TBO
Sensenich fixed-pitch

   metal propeller
Propeller spinner
Dynafocal engine mount system
Fast start sky-tech electric starter
Spin-on oil filter
Easy to inspect/huge Maintenance inspection panels
Easily removable engine cowls


Airspeed indicator (mph/knots)
Altimeter (sensitive)
Fluid magnetic compass
Static and pitot - heated
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Fuel pressure gauge
Clock (electric)
Outside air temperature indicator
Fuel indicator's
Recording tachometer (rpm)
Hobbs hour meter
Ammeter & voltmeter
Alternate static source
Alternate pitot system



12 volt electrical system
12 volt gill battery (heavy duty)
Battery power plug at rear of aircraft
Master switch & circuit breakers
Dual ignition
Removable breaker panels
Removable avionics panel



Garmin GNS 650 GPS NAV COM      
Garmin GI-106A VOR with GS             
Garmin 350 audio panel      
Garmin GTX 335 transponder/encoder
Garmin GNC 255 NAV COM             Garmin GI-106A VOR with GS                  Classic gyro package     
Independent power source    
Avionics master switch       


Tough / easy to clean fabrics.  Color: Gray




Wheel Fairings (3)


Custom color paint


Spin certified airframe


Fuel tank - extra large fuselage tank.

34 US Gallon tank.


Wing Tanks (replaces fuselage tank)

28 US Gallons total.


Fuel Primer (Option - Installed)

Cold weather starting


600x6 main wheels (Option - Installed)

Replaces the smaller 500x5 main wheels.


SRS Airbag Seatbelts (Option - Installed)

Pilot and co-pilot seats.


Sandel 3500 EHSI indicator


Aspen Avionics EFD1000 Pro PFD

Aspen Avionics Evolution 2500 Package

Optional Protective Airbags

AMSAFE seatbelt airbags

Military version of the CH2000. Available upon special request.

High quality and easy to maintain wing tip navigation lights and strobes.
Tail light attached to tough housing on Rudder.
Landing and taxi lights are located near the left wing tip.
Amazing instrument panel area with classic controls!
Simple and easy to replace gauges.
Huge Tail Skid under rear fuselage is tough and easy to replace.
Very effective "Split Flaps" are located under the wings.
Engine cowling is easy to remove. No engine baffles are attached to the cowling making it faster to remove.
Compass and outside air temperature are easy to read.
Temper foam, also known as memory foam is added to all seats. Extra safety!
The toughest gear in the Industry!
Simple super tough nose gear system
Classic engine controls, easy to reach
Huge cabin area with extra comfortable shock absorbing seats.
Amazing control - 25 Knot cross wind component
Battery plug at rear of aircraft, away from engine area.
Easy to enter cabin. Large walkway area and huge cabin doors. A step is located behind wing making it easy to "step-up" onto the wing.
Tough and simple -  easy to reach fuel caps.
The Fast Stack  Approach Harness incorporates the Pro-G Wiring System

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