Length: 23' 0"
Height: 6' 10"
Cabin Width: 46"
Wing Span: 28' 10"
Wing Area: 137 ft²
Wing Loading: 12.3lbs/ft²
Empty Weight (VFR): 1,085 lbs
Gross Weight (MTOW): 1,692 lbs
Useful Load*: 607 lbs
Powerplant: Lycoming 0-235-N2C
Power: 116 bhp
Engine TBO: 2,400 hours
Propeller: Sensenich 72" (Fixed Pitch)
Power Loading: 14.6 lbs/bhp
Fuel Capacity: 28 US gallons
Fuel Capacity: 20 US gallons
Fuel Consumption @ 75%: 5.5 gal/hr
UTILITY Category: 1,606 lbs Gross Weight +4.4/-2.2
NORMAL Category: 1,692 lbs Gross Weight +3.8/-1.9

    *Useful Load based on a basic VFR aircraft with 20 USG.  Add 25 lbs to the empty weight for an IFR equipped aircraft.


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