Alarus CH2000 Price List

IFR certified for $219,900.00


     See Equipment List for list of all standard items included in the IFR aircraft



    Price includes: 
  • IFR certified airframe including lightning protection
  • Night certified airframe
  • Instrument panel as shown here

Wheel Fairings (3) (Option - Installed) $1,590.00
Custom color paint  (Option - Installed) over the standard white. Paint Scheme & Lettering - Extra $5,690.00
Spin certified airframe  (Option - Installed) available with fuselage tank only - Utility Category. Not available in the USA. $9,900.00

Fuel tank - extra large fuselage tank (Option - Installed).

34 US Gallon tank.


Fuel tanks - wings only (Option - Installed). 1 left + 1 right tank.

14 US Gallons each tank (replaces main fuselage tank)


Fuel Primer (Option - Installed)

Cold weather starting


600x6 main wheels (Option - Installed)

Replaces the smaller 500x5 main wheels.


SRS Airbag Seatbelts (Option - Installed)

Pilot and co-pilot seats -


Sandel 3500  (Option - Installed) EHSI indicator


The EHSI combines Nav1, Nav2 and the Garmin 650 GPS and more on one screen. 

Aspen Avionics (Option - Installed)

EFD1000 Pro PFD

Primary Flight Display

The award-winning series Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) deliver exceptionally easy-to-use, advanced glass panels at the lowest price on the market.


Aspen Avionics (Option - Installed)

Evolution 2500 Package

Your ultimate glass pan panel.


Aspen EFD1000 PRO/MFD1000/MFD500

The Evolution 2500 Package combines the powerful, award-winning Evolution™ 1000 Pro PFD (Primary Flight Display), the 1000 MFD (Multifunction Flight Display), and the 500 MFD to deliver Aspen’s total glass cockpit solution. The 1000 Pro PFD and 1000 MFD provide the safety and confidence of DuoSafe™ PFD redundancy. The 500 MFD expands display area to put more flight data where you want it — the way you want it. Aspen makes the total glass cockpit experience for GA aircraft both easy-to-use and affordable with patent-pending retrofit technology and superior compatibility for substantially lower installation costs and total cost of ownership.

The 1000 Pro PFD provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, a full-featured electronic HSI, and moving maps. The 1000 MFD doubles your panel’s display area and delivers full redundancy of critical systems and sensors. The 500 MFD rounds out the package to deliver the largest display area and most flexible glass panel on the market.

The 1000 MFD incorporates the exact same hardware and software as the PFD, so these units give you two of everything, not just two displays: dual independent AHRS, Air Data Computers, compass systems, HSIs, and more. With Aspen’s exclusive DuoSafe PFD redundancy, if your PFD fails you simply press the 1000 MFD’s REV button and it becomes the PFD — converting into an identical backup right in your primary instrument scan. This identical PFD backup means less stress and potential confusion in a pressure situation. No other GA glass cockpit system gives you this level of redundancy and confidence at any price!

The Evolution 2500 Package delivers value pricing compared to installing the 1000 Pro PFD, 1000 MFD, and 500 MFD separately. Evolution Flight Displays are fully upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities and other new features via software upgrades, without removing displays from your panel.

Evolution 2500 Package — your ultimate glass panel.








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